Emirates News Agency – Camp for the men’s rugby team in South Africa and the “friendly” for women with the Israeli national team

ABU DHABI, April 18, / WAM / Secretary-General of the UAE Rugby Federation, Mohammed Sultan Al Zaabi, said that the start of the next season’s competitions will be in September or October according to the final agreement with the clubs, indicating that there is coordination with the competent authorities in the country now to know the deadlines for the return of the youth and junior sectors In order to launch the competitions of the Sunni stages in the next season as well.

He added that the 2020/2021 season competitions that concluded last week with success confirms overcoming the effects of the Corona pandemic, and returning to recover strongly in order to continue the process of continuous development within the federation headed by Sheikh Mohammed bin Maktoum bin Jumah Al Maktoum.

Al-Zaabi said in statements to the Emirates News Agency “WAM”: “The most important gains of last season are: Shaheen’s team, consisting of fully citizen players, won the second division title and ascended to the First Division, a step that will certainly benefit the national team, because most of the team’s players are from This team.

He said that the next phase will witness more coordination with sports councils in the various emirates of the country to expand the spread of the game by establishing clubs and academies, and the last phase witnessed a meeting of the federation with His Excellency Aref Al Awani, Secretary-General of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council in the same context, and consulted with him on several matters related to competitions. Next season, and working on forming a club in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, equipping the “cricket” stadium to play the game on it, and holding a community rugby championship in Abu Dhabi.

And whether there are proposals to create new tournaments in the next season, he said: “We are currently preparing a scenario for the creation of the Cup of His Highness the President of the State, in order to launch it in the next season, and there are consultations with technicians and administrators currently in order to provide them with all the elements of success.”

Regarding the national teams, the Federation’s General Secretary said: “We will coordinate to hold an international friendly match for the women’s team with its Israeli counterpart in Israel on May 21, in the event of obtaining approvals for the precautionary measures from” Covid 19 “, after hosting the Israeli men’s team last month in Dubai in effect. For the memorandum of understanding and partnership between us, and for the men’s team, we are currently preparing to set up an external camp in South Africa at the end of next July in preparation for the West Asian Championships for men and women in October 2021, which qualifies for the second phase of the Asian World Cup qualifiers.

As for international tournaments and hosting major events, Al Zaabi said: “This month, we hosted two activating tournaments for the teams qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics for men and women in cooperation with Emirates Airlines, and the two championships were highly praised by internationals, and accordingly there are contacts between us and the International Federation and we have submitted a request to host two qualifying tournaments for the qualifiers for the Tokyo Olympics. To be held in Monaco next June if it is not possible to organize it there for any reasons related to the pandemic, according to a women’s tournament in which the teams of Argentina, Colombia, France, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, New Guinea, Russia and Samoa will participate, provided that two of them qualify for the Olympics, and a men’s tournament that includes teams Brazil, Chile, the Philippines, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico, Samoa, Tonga, Uganda and Zimbabwe, and one team will qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

WAM / Amin Al-Dubli / Zakaria Mohieddin

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