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ABU DHABI, 21 October / WAM/ The editorials of the Emirates newspapers issued this morning shed light on the UAE’s expansion in establishing “digital excellence”, which means the use of technology with its various solutions, with the aim of accelerating the pace towards ascending the ranks of the fore and the first positions in various paths of development and development.

The editorials also highlighted the keenness of our wise leadership to continue achievements, anticipate time and foresee the future, making the nation’s prosperity and the comfort of its people the absolute priority in all directions and strategies that are being worked on.

In its editorial entitled “Digital Excellence”, Al Bayan newspaper confirmed that the UAE looks at the next fifty years with open eyes to a new global stage whose features are shaped from the land of the Emirates, and from the huge achievements that have been achieved during the past fifty years, which lay the foundations for building on them in the sustainability of progress and continuity of advancement. As the state establishes digital excellence as a basic principle for the next fifty years, it is looking forward to national ideas, contributions and global partnerships, accelerating the pace towards leadership within the framework of a clear vision for the future, in which the requirements for excellence have been precisely defined, and strong steps to achieve these requirements with the help of the people of the Emirates, and welcome tributary expertise from the scientist.

The newspaper pointed out that according to this global methodology that regulates all steps of progress, the UAE is expanding in establishing “digital excellence”, which means the use of technology with its various solutions, with the aim of accelerating the pace towards ascending the ranks of the fore and the first positions in various paths of development and development.

The newspaper pointed out that when the country hosts an event in which thousands of actors from dozens of countries participate, these global gatherings of major technology, technologies and digital solutions companies take what we say out of the verbal framework, and present to the world a sensory and practical activity that matches theory and application, word and deed, vision and urging footsteps. Also, the efforts behind the tight organization of major global events hosted by the state, and with the cooperation of all concerned parties, paint a picture to the world of the UAE’s ability to create an atmosphere that ensures the global economy’s return to rotation, through the space it provides for meeting and exchanging ideas. The interaction of visions, experiences and future plans.

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Al Bayan newspaper concluded its editorial, stressing that the UAE had to embrace its land as a focus of radiation, launched by the best innovators of solutions, technologies, digital and technological products, to overcome the exceptional stage that the world has gone through and all the emerging challenges, and to start a new stage of global advancement, a stage whose features are formed from the land of the Emirates, and what It has the magic of hosting, organizing and presenting.

For its part, Al-Watan newspaper said in its editorial entitled “The future is ours and the future is more beautiful” that our nation is flying high under a leadership that is good at making achievements, anticipating time and foreseeing the future…where there is no impossible in the UAE dictionary, nor is there any relentless determination. The development process, and each stage will be the basis for the successes that follow.. a journey of pride and pride that keeps pace with and advances history, based on the empowered person, who is the core of all national strategies and always at the forefront of civilized visions to be able to enhance the state’s competitiveness and participate in its inspiring march. His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, “may God protect him”… always the happiest, most active and dynamic people towards a future in which the UAE will consolidate its position at the highest peaks of glory.

The newspaper emphasized that the homeland and the citizen are always the focus of the meetings of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, “may God protect him”, and his brother, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, “may God protect him.” Flexibility in dealing with developments and translating giant visions in development locally and internationally, stems from the vision of their Highness, wherein the courageous goals at the national level are to make the Emirates always the best and at the forefront of civilizational progress towards the future of man, which was confirmed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in the words of His Highness: “Expo meetings are meetings of the future… and meetings of big ideas… and meetings of great minds to create a more beautiful future, God willing, may God protect the UAE and perpetuate its glory and glory.”

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The newspaper pointed out that our wise leadership has made the nation’s prosperity and the comfort of its people the absolute priority in all directions and strategies that are being worked on, and projects as much as they constitute qualitative shifts and a tributary to the state’s path towards achieving its ambitions.. It also expresses our unity and solidarity and embodies the leadership’s determination to provide a standard of life that It is commensurate with the aspirations to be the happiest country always. Everyone has one heart that beats with loyalty and loyalty to a leadership that has provided everything necessary for its people and to enrich the development that all regions of the country enjoy. This was confirmed by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan in the words of His Highness: our homeland, elevating our people and strengthening our global position.”

Al-Watan newspaper concluded its editorial by saying that God has blessed us with a leadership that has made man at the forefront of its interests, and has always affirmed that we will be at the top of the summit in light of a well-established national approach and strategies that show the whole world the extent of the successes and civilizational transformations achieved by the UAE, the title of elevation, success, prosperity and the epic of man’s subjugation of everything impossible and his struggle. Race against time with courage, confidence and faith.

On another matter, Al-Khaleej newspaper said in its editorial entitled “On the Stability of Libya Conference” that Tripoli is hosting today, for the first time, the first international ministerial conference to support the stability of Libya, with the aim of agreeing to implement the road map that was agreed upon at the Berlin conferences that were held in January 2020 and June 2021. They stressed that the legislative and presidential elections will be held on time on December 24, the necessity of the withdrawal of all foreign forces and mercenaries, and the disbanding of militias as an indispensable prelude to holding the elections.

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It is known that these demands have not been implemented so far, and the UN Security Council Resolutions 2570 and 2571 related to the Libyan crisis, which carry the same contents, have not been implemented, which puts all international efforts to solve the Libyan crisis in vain, while the date set for elections approaches, after about two months. .

The newspaper pointed out that after the Libyan file toured many Arab and international capitals during the past few years without any significant achievement, Tripoli is embracing the new conference in the hope of producing a positive outcome that will put the crisis on the path to a solution.

The newspaper pointed out that the Libyan Foreign Minister, Najla Al-Manqoush, revealed the most prominent files before the conference, which are working on the “military, security and economic tracks”, as the security and military tracks are considered the biggest challenge facing Libya, especially with the approaching election date, which requires That Libya be its own master, and its people decide their fate absolutely freely without the presence of any foreign military force constraining their decision. This requires that the conference work on getting out of the verbal statements to translate its decisions on the ground.

Al-Khaleej newspaper confirmed that the “Libya Stability Conference” is required to translate the conference’s slogan into action, by setting a clear and specific timetable for the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign forces, and focusing on finding executive mechanisms to unify the army, and activate the ceasefire in accordance with the decisions of the Military Committee /5+5/.


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