Emirates News Agency – “Land Forces Command” wins the Ministry of Defense Athletics Championship

ABU DHABI, April 11th, WAM / Brigadier General Muhammad Saeed Gafan Al Jabri, Director of the Directorate of Faith and Lessons Learned, witnessed the Ministry of Defense athletics championship as part of the activities of the Excellence Shield for the 2021 training year organized by the Military Physical Education Center affiliated to the Executive Department of Education and Training in the Ministry of Defense.

The Ground Forces Command won the first place, followed by the Presidential Guard Command in second place, while the Air Force and Air Defense Command won the third place.

150 competitors, representing ten leaders of the Armed Forces, participated in the championship and included ten track and three field races.

At the conclusion of the coronation ceremony, Brigadier General Muhammad Saeed Gafan Al-Jabri thanked the leadership of the Military Physical Education Center for the good organization of the tournament, which comes within the framework of the Ministry of Defense’s keenness to raise the level of physical fitness of its members and develop the spirit of competition in sports competitions and tournaments.

WAM / Assem Al-Khouli / Abdel Nasser Moneim

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