Emirates News Agency – Tomorrow … Three confrontations in the 19th week of the First Division League

DUBAI, April 1 / WAM / The nineteenth week of the first division league competition will start tomorrow evening, Friday, with three matches, as Al-Uruba hosts Masafi Club at its stadium at 17:45, and Masfoot Club will be a guest on Al-Arabi, while Al-Hamriya Club meets with Club Al-Taawon is at Al-Hamriya Stadium, and the two matches will be played at 17:50.

The nineteenth week matches will be completed on the evening of tomorrow, Saturday, with two matches, in the first match of which is Dibba Club and Al Dhaid Club at Al Dhaid Stadium, and in the second the Emirates Club will host Dibba Al Hisn Club at its stadium, and the two matches will be played at 17:45.

Al-Orouba Club tops the competition table with 34 points, with a goal difference from Al-Bataeh / second /, followed by the Emirates / third / 33 points, Dibba / fourth / 25 points, Daba Al-Hosn / fifth / 24 points, and Al-Arabi / sixth / 19 points, and with 18 points Al Hamriya is / seventh /, and al-Ta’awon / eighth /, followed by Masfout / ninth / 16 points, Masafi / tenth / 15 points, and Dhaid / eleven / has two points.

WAM / Amin Al-Dubli / Dina Omar

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