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The recognized influence Ecuadorian Emma Guerrero is involved in controversy, after the leak of a intimate video in social networks, where he appears next to the Venezuelan actor José Ramón Barreto, who stars in the Bolívar series de Netflix.

The publication of the recording would be unleashing a total scandal in show business in Ecuador, since the former participant of Combat He is a partner of Fernando Zúñiga, with whom he has been dating for seven months.

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Like Emma Guerrero, José Ramón Barreto it is also in a one-year relationship. His partner, the Ecuadorian Krystel Chuchuca, was the one who revealed that he had a romantic relationship with the actor.

It should be noted that the intimate video starring both figures of the Ecuadorian show quickly went viral on the social networks of Instagram and Twitter for its content.

However, Emma Guerrero and José Ramón Barreto they used their social networks to clarify the situation and make it clear that the intimate video did exist, but that it was decontextualized by the press to generate morbidity.

Emma Guerrero is recognized for participating in the reality show Combate de Ecuador. (Photo: Diffusion)

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Emma Guerrero talks about the intimate video

Emma Guerrero, The exparticipante Combat in Ecuador, noted that he decided to give his version of the intimate video for her followers and for all the people who have seen her grow up on television.

“The fact here is that it was a very intimate situation (…) that happened two years ago between two people who were single and there was nothing. The strange thing is that it is now in the light, which is very difficult for me to understand, “assured the influence.

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On the other hand, he criticized the Ecuadorian media that referred to the recording as pornographic material.

“All these showbiz pages are writing very morbid headlines that talk about something ‘porn.’ This is not, I did not record myself and then they paid me. This was something intimate between two people who were engaged, “said Emma Guerrero.

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José Ramón Barreto speaks about his intimate video

Furthermore, the actor José Ramón Barreto, who played Simón Bolívar in the series of the same name in Netflix, also spoke about the video in his Instagram.

“Yes, there is a intimate video, carried out by two adult people in a private place, aware of what they were doing and single for that moment. For some reason or for several hands, this recording where I go out has become public, ”said the artist.

Finally, the actor asked users not to hurt Emma Guerrero ensuring that it would be the most affected after the broadcast of the private video.

“What I ask for is respect for her, respect for her integrity, respect for her privacy, respect for her surroundings, her partner and her family. We are here to assume the mistake that was made when it was recorded ”, he concluded.


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