Emma Watson is seen with her boyfriend, Leo Alexander Robinton, in London

Watson Y Robinton observed the advice of the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the National Health Service (NHS), to wear masks at all times during their walk, although they briefly removed them to sip their drinks, and he during a section of the journey.

Since they were photographed kissing in public in October 2019, the one in charge of giving life to Hermione, in the saga of Harry Potter, and the entrepreneur had not been captured again so close – in February of this year, in Spain, they were not distinguished – and it seems, judging by the images, that the romance is going very well.

Leo Robinton and Emma Watson had a ‘coffee date’ at Primrose Hill.
(LVT Media LondonThe Grosby Group)

They were seen very happy, sharing gestures of complicity, chatting and taking advantage of when they stopped briefly to take their hot drinks; Emma very to this For the cold London weather, with gloves, a gray wool hat, a long navy coat and high-heeled boots. Leo, also very warm.

Who is Leo Alexander Robinton?

The handsome 30-year-old, the same age as Emma watson, is an outstanding entrepreneur, willing to fulfill all the wishes of his girlfriend. He was born in Los Angeles, California, where he owns a small business. As for his family, there are interesting facts.


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