"Emmanuel Macron is the president of inequality"


Guillaume Peltier

MP, First Vice President of the Republican Party

Guillaume Peltier was the guest on Thursday of the show "Face aux Christians" hosted by Dominique Gerbaud and co-produced by KTO.

He answered the questions of Romain Mazenod (RCF), Alain Baron (Radio Notre-Dame) and Laurent de Boissieu (The cross).

How do you explain the movement of "yellow jackets"?

Guillaume Peltier: a gap has widened, symbolically and concretely, between the elites and the people. I am a strong supporter of the right order. I'm on the side of the order, I believe in the authority. It is necessary to eradicate violence, to punish leaders and switches, even if it is necessary to restore, if necessary, the state of emergency for a few hours or days.

They are also on the side of justice. Emmanuel Macron is the president of inequality, social and territorial rupture. The fiscal hysteria was being developed from the first budget of the Macron era: five billion euros of tax eliminated for the richest and at the same time nine billion created for the middle classes. Its tax policy is aimed at the high profiteers (removal of ISF for speculators) and bottom-up profiteers (increase in RSA and wage freezes), forgetting the middle of the huge procession of workers, families and retirees. Faced with the legitimate anger of the people, I defend a work in the French style: I defend France from work and put France back to work.

Which exit crisis do you propose?

G. P .: I expect the demonstrators to have a healthy and peaceful dialogue, but not to deny anything. The blockade of workers is counterproductive. The elimination of the increase in fuel taxes is certainly necessary, but insufficient in view of the suffering of our compatriots. I hope the government has taken the measure. We have to put everything back in order. I propose a new agreement around a triptych: lower public spending, lower taxes on wages and increase them to reward the value of work. With a real plan to combat social and fiscal fraud.

How to respond to the crisis of democracy?

G. P.: I ask for democratic breaths, regular referendums. That once a year, the President of the Republic is forced to hold a referendum on at least one subject concerning the company. People will have the habit of being regularly associated and answering the questions asked.


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