Emotion near Rouen after the announcement of the death of a Norman student in Bulgaria

On 2 November, Bulgarian television announced the death of a French student. Her name was Shaneze and she was in Erasmus in Sofia since last September.

As tonight evening Isabelle Brunnarius, our sister in France 3 Bourgogne-Franche-Comté said in her article, the young woman was following her sociology studies in the second year of masters under the European Erasmus program. She was enrolled at the University of Franche-Comté. Last summer, he had met one of the families involved in the project of participatory housing of Pernotte in Besançon.
This type of habitat was part of his academic research. The family recalls a young woman "very smiling and very pretty".

Found hanged

She was found hanged on November 2 in front of an administrative building in Lovech, 150 kilometers from the capital Sofia, where she lived. After high school in Normandy, the girl went to study sociology in Amiens before going to Besançon.

This is André Leborgne, mayor of La Mailleraye sur Seine where the family lived for thirty years, which announced the sad news to the student's parents:

Suicide, the parents did not believe it at all. In particular, there was a strong bond between the girl and the family. We can not say that there was a break in the family, on the contrary, since the mother had her daughter on the phone every two days.
This girl did not have any problem with depression. On the contrary: he had rather a strong, well-established character …

A Romanian student found dead in Bulgaria

VIDEO: the France 3 Normandy report by Bérangère Dunglas and Jérôme Bègue (edited by Pierre Léonard)

Crime or suicide?

The young woman's parents do not want to believe in the suicide thesis mentioned at first by the Bulgarian authorities. Meanwhile, a criminal investigation has been opened and all the avenues are now evoked.

Since last Monday (November 5th) the girl's parents are in Bulgaria. According to the Bulgarian press, the student arrived on November 1st in the city of Lovech. Her boyfriend, with whom he had spent the evening of the day before, he was heard by the police.

The results of the autopsy and the toxicological analysis are expected. the video recordings also the surveillance cameras of the municipality are analyzed.

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