Emotional gamer sends out German police

Boy playing with headphones on

NOS NewsThursday, 13:12

The German police turned out last night in the village of Bendfeld in the state of Schleswig-Holstein for a hysterical gamer. Several people in the neighborhood called the police because they heard someone calling for help. The officers went to the report and came to an emotional young man who was gaming.

It was difficult for local residents and the emergency services to find out where the cries for help came from. After unsuccessfully investigating a basin, the police and the volunteer fire brigade finally deployed a drone to find it.

The boy later told police that he was playing an online game with others. He called for their help while his window was open. Hearing the game sounds on his headphones, the boy didn’t realize he was yelling so loudly.

He promises his fellow villagers in Bendfeld to express his emotions more quietly while gaming from now on.

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2023-05-25 11:12:43

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