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Emotional Klaas Otto firmly denies influencing witnesses | NOW

On Tuesday, an emotional Klaas Otto firmly denied in the court of Breda that he ever ordered to influence witnesses. The founder of motorcycle club No Surrender said he himself also wanted an answer to the question on what this suspicion is based.

According to the Public Prosecution Service (OM), Otto had his then lawyer pass on assignments to Otto’s girlfriend, Nancy B., who passed them on to Piet S. Allen, they will be on trial from Tuesday.

According to the suspicion, S. would have approached Joop M. and Sjang K., among others. The former to adjust his statement in Otto’s favor in a criminal case over Otto’s extortion of M. In K.’s case, a relative of his had to be approached because he was talking to the police about Otto.

S. has confirmed to have accepted these assignments from Otto’s partner, but according to B. this is “a big lie”. She sometimes saw S. because it was her son’s father-in-law, but that’s all. And lawyer Jan Piet van R. sometimes dropped by the caravan to talk about the case against her partner, but not to pass on orders.

Otto’s lawyer, Louis de Leon, emphasized that S. is an unreliable witness. The man was convicted in February 2020 for the murder of Peet van der Linde.

Questioning girlfriend leads to emotion in Otto

The interrogation of his girlfriend caused the necessary emotions in Otto, who called the officers clowns, among other things. Asked to take it back, Otto himself replied that he had been called a cannibal by the Public Prosecution Service, but that this was never taken back. According to Otto, his life and the life of his girlfriend has been destroyed by this case.

When asked about the suspicion, Otto was firm. “Absolutely nothing of the kind,” said the 53-year-old man from Bergen op Zoom.

The fact that his son has stated that Otto indeed gave orders from his cell and that he had also seen them, is a statement that, according to Otto, was made under pressure. His son would be willing to explain everything in court if the judge needed it.



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