Emotions in women’s soccer! The player kicked the referee in sensitive places

Aggression in women’s football is not a common occurrence, but it has been seen in brutal intensity in Ecuador’s top competition. Leonas del Norte’s duel against Club Pineapple finally offered the away team to win 2: 1 after extra time, but that was far from all. Several home players did not bear the burden of the moment after the final whistle, so the main referee had his hands full.

First, a ball flew past his head, which was kicked off angrily by home Shirley Caiced. The referee did not hesitate for a moment and gave the nineteen-year-old player a direct red card. However, he stabbed the home footballer even more. Enraged, Caiced ran back to the judge, whom she kicked right in the groin. The passions of the teenage football player had to reassure her teammates as well.

Despite the unexpected moment, the referee bravely stayed on his feet, but the whole situation will still be over. The Ecuadorian Football Association, which quite possibly grants Caiced a long ban, has investigated the incident.

Of course, the images of the incident at the end of the match did not go unnoticed by the football fans. They overwhelmingly appreciated the bravery of the Ecuadorian judge. “The referee must have steel balls, he barely made it known,” one of the Twitter users smirked at the judge.

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