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Employers did not go without a hand. During the fourth session on unemployment insurance, the delegation of the three employers' organizations (CPME, Medef, U2P) proposed a series of measures on Wednesday 5 December that reduce the rights of job applicants and generate savings higher than those required by the executive. Although these initial lines of thought will probably be attenuated, the unions did not appreciate the setting in the mouth.

This is "The bazooka operation"commented Marylise Léon (CFDT) at the end of the meeting. Denis Gravouil (CGT) has seen some of them "Pure provocation (…) completely irresponsible, given the social situation in the country ". in "The current context (…) I think it's bad enoughMichel Beaugas (FO) added. His CFTC counterpart, Eric Courpotin, described "Totally unacceptable" different ideas brought by employers.

"Violation of the principle of national equality"

For employers' movements, the Unédic Convention, which defines the rules applicable to the unemployed, can be rewritten to "Promoting the return to sustainable employment" and to improve "The efficiency of the system", as well as his "Equity". The approach is part of the letter of framing dictated to the social partners by the government: this document establishes a course, in terms of rights to change, but also "Financial trajectory" to follow – the goal is to generate savings of between 3 and 3.9 billion euros over three years.

On this basis, employers have written a long list of hypotheses, synonymous with drastic changes if implemented. Example: To qualify for unemployment insurance, you should have worked for at least four months in the last twelve (compared to twenty-eight today). And the indemnity would be based on the time spent at work for twenty-four months (twenty-eight at present). Another scheme studied: compensation varies taking into account the unemployment rate in the areas of employment. " This is (…) a violation of the principle of national equality, of the unity of the regime ", said Mmyself Leon.

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Do employers think that his recommendations can throw fuel on the fire, while social protest rises everywhere? "It is clear that a negotiation is never off the ground", admitted Hubert Mongon (Medef). He and his allies will then make sure that future meetings are "Constructive" so that interested parties find "Points of balance". They have just over a month to reach a compromise. A challenge at this stage, given the time and depth of disagreements between employers 'and workers' organizations.


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