Encouraging data in La Plata: low age of infected, more recovered and a health system far from collapse

With the hours counted for the end of the strict quarantine and on the threshold of the beginning of a more flexible phase of the preventive and compulsory social isolation that has lasted for almost four months, there are several encouraging news in La Plata in the fight against pandemic.

Among these, it is worth highlighting a fact that confirms that La Plata hospitals are still far from fully occupying both intensive care and medium care beds.

According to official figures from the Province to which this medium was able to access, the occupation of intensive care places in the medical centers of our city is 58.8 percent out of a total of 398, of which 32 beds are occupied by patients with Covid-19 and 41 others by people who make up the list of suspected cases.

As for the occupation of intermediate care beds, it is around 55 percent over 325. While for minimum care the percentage is also 55 percent, but out of a total of 1878.

Days ago, the local mayor, Julio Garro, toured with the Buenosairean governor, Axel Kicillof, the isolation center of the Children’s Republic, in Gonnet, where everything is equipped to receive infected patients.

As it is known, as this medium disclosed, the isolation centers that were erected in La Plata exclusively by the pandemic – there are five of them – will start operating shortly, although to provide care to patients from more compromised municipalities.

Another relevant fact is that this week in La Plata it registered for the first time more cases recovered than active by Covid-19, according to daily reports from the Municipality. Mayor Garro highlighted that reversal on social networks

In this sense, a fact that they take into account in the municipal Health area is that it is an area where the highest number of infections has been occurring in the 20-year age group, which has the greatest recovery capacity for patients . In parallel, there was a decrease in contagion in older adults, who are classified within the population at risk.

According to the daily reports of the Municipality, in this last week the highest number of infections occurred in the age group of 20 to 29 years. Strictly speaking, this range represents 26 percent of the 453 cases accumulated in the last 7 days. It is followed by the bands of 30 to 39 years with 23 percent of infections, 40 to 49 years with 20 percent and 50 to 59 years with 10 percent. For adults over 70, they accumulate 9 percent.

However, since the pandemic began to date, the age group that is most affected by the virus in La Plata is 30 to 39 years old, according to the Situation Room of the Province of Buenos Aires.

The other encouraging official data that was known for these hours is the one that places La Plata as the municipality in the metropolitan area with the least number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants. In comparative mode, La Plata registers 223 cases compared to 901 in the Avellaneda party, which is the first in the ranking prepared by the health authority.

Referring to this data, Mayor Garro said today that “this is the result of the efforts of all the residents: La Plata is the city with the lowest rate of infection per 100,000 inhabitants, among the 35 of the AMBA that are still in phase one “


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