End clap for the group of children’s songs Les Déménageurs

The Movers are six albums ( Lili and the snails, The big box, The Movers in concert, The Patamodd, Dance with the wildebeest, The little adventure) and thousands of records sold.

The group, Yves Barbieux founded it 20 years ago. But his attraction to songs aimed at the youngest goes back much further. “I am a psycho-pedagogue by traininghe says. I also wrote “ Bonjoeverything is fine” when I started working with the little ones. It was composed long before the creation of Les Déménageurs“.

The reason for the stop? “I have come to the end. At some point you have to be able to put a stop to things and not shoot lengthways . I want to make room for other projects.”

According to Yves Barbieux, “it’s time to stop“. More “not sans a twinge in the heart “, recognizes the Carolo who has lived for ten years in Marche-en-Famenne.

A YouTube channel

The 51-year-old shadow man says to himself “proud of the longevity of the project which has been the subject of very little human tension. There have been small changes over the years. But, overall, the team remained stable. For ten years, it has been made up of the same people“.

Her favorite songs? “There are plenty. It’s hard to say like that. But every time I go to the shows and hear full houses singing my songs, it’s crazy. To think that the songs we wrote have returned to schools, to families, it’s incredible.”

While waiting for the curtain to fall, the current tour continues. “We continue to perform. We will end in May 2024“With a big farewell show?”We might do something at the very end of the tour, but I don’t know yet.”

Yves Barbieux does not stop writing and composing for the little ones. Never short of ideas, he is already launching a new challenge. “I’m working on a YouTube channel with lots of songs“, he confides.

Yves Barbieux, also founder in the early 2000s of the group Urban Trad (which had finished 2nd in the Eurovision Song Contest with the title A message for those who remember) thus puts an end to the journey of the Movers, despite an ever-growing success. Without regret ? “I am not nostalgicue . I quickly turn the pages.” A page of just over 20 years all the same.

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