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The treasurer of the Luca Coscioni association, Marco Cappato, declared himself in Milan after having accompanied the lady Elenaterminally ill with cancer, to assisted suicide in Switzerland.

“I will explain to the Carabinieri – he declared before entering – that for the next people who ask us, if we are in a position to do so, we will help them too. It will then be the task of justice to establish whether this is a crime or if there is recurrence. of the crime. Or if there is discrimination as we believe among patients “. Together with Cappato also the lawyer Filomena Gallo, secretary of the Coscioni association.

End of life, the message of the 69-year-old Venetian accompanied in Switzerland by Marco Cappato

There was no response from Parliament, of politics, of the leaders of the big parties. In these last two legislatures, our popular initiative law presented 9 years ago has never been discussed for even a minute. Now we have reached this situation that in front of Elena’s request, we could turn the other way or give her the help she was looking for, in the light of the sun and taking full responsibility for this “, said Marco Cappato.

“The Italian people have been prevented from deciding, in one way or another, on the legalization of euthanasia by the Constitutional Court, presided over by Giuliano Amato,” Cappato added. “Even the law of parliamentary initiative have not been able to approve. We have this path today, in the next legislature we will see – he added -. The rejection of the referendum affects, because if in June it was voted, if the Constitutional Court had not camped excuses to prevent citizens from voting today we would not be here “.

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