Technology End of mission for GoldenEye 25, the remake of...

End of mission for GoldenEye 25, the remake of GoldenEye 007 under Unreal Engine 4

The license holders have asked the team to stop development.

Over the past few months, you have been regularly told about GoldenEye 25, a 007 remake under Unreal Engine 4. A promising project which was progressing well and revealed itself regularly through images and videos. Unfortunately, the team announced that they had received a letter from MGM and Danjaq urging them to stop the development.

It’s via a message posted on Twitter as members broke the news. GoldenEye 25 will therefore not see the light of day in August 2022 as planned.

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La suite, Project Janus

However, the team is not giving up. Deprived of references to James Bond, she will now devote herself to another project with “All the aspects we love about our favorite shooting games from the 90s”. Entitled Project Ianus, this one has already his dedicated Twitter account.


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