End of support for Windows 7: dino software disappears


End of support for Windows 7: dino software disappears

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Windows 7 operating system Windows 7 operating system

Starting January 14, 2020, Microsoft will discontinue support for the Windows 7 operating system. Photo: George Frey / EPA

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It's been around for a few years – now comes the end of support for Windows 7 in sight. Users then encounter security holes. Time flows

Berlin (dpa) – With Windows 7 he leaves another dinosaur in the digital world in six months.

Starting January 14, 2020, Microsoft will discontinue support for the operating system. So there will be no software or security updates. Users who continue to join the obsolete system risk exposing themselves to unprotected cyber attacks and malicious software. For whirlwinds as enthusiastic as Windows XP support five years ago, however, the end of Windows 7 shouldn't worry.

However, security experts strongly advise against using the old operating system in this case. Microsoft recommends that you already prepare a system change and provide suggestions for editing on the current Windows 10. This is however the "safest Windows of all time", the company out.

The fact that Microsoft users are so reluctant to switch to the new system also has to do with money. Unlike competitor Apple, who for years has been distributing its new versions of macOS for free, Microsoft and its partners are asking for money to stay updated.

Although Microsoft has released the Windows 7 update and 8 for free long after the launch of Windows 10 for free. However, this offer has expired for two years. Since then, Microsoft has offered the system for around 145 euros to download. However, some specialized media also provide information on how users can still switch to the current system for free, for example by downloading the "Multimedia Creation Tool" on the Microsoft website. Also, however, some third-party vendors require money for current versions of their programs, so they work smoothly with Windows 10.

For too much excitement it should – unlike Windows XP – from Windows 7 but don't worry. "Our customers have learned from the situation with Windows XP," says Sabine Bendiek, head of Microsoft Germany. "Those facing change at an early stage minimize risks and costs and benefit from current security features and innovations."

At that time not only many carefree private users, but also many companies took advantage of the old XP way beyond the end of support. In many companies the old programs could be kept running only with the obsolete operating system. Even in ATMs they often put XP and keep security experts in motion at the time. Today, the big analysts' houses expect an increase in new computer sales. Furthermore, awareness of user security should be significantly increased.

Microsoft Windows is also in Germany with 45.6% by far the most popular operating system on desktop and notebook computers. Currently, 10 years Windows 10 is still active on almost a fourth desktop used (24.2%), while the current Windows 10 uses two thirds of Windows users (66.3%).

On October 22, 2009, Microsoft introduced Windows 7 as the successor to the failed Windows Vista. At that time, the digital world seemed a little different from today: only two years ago there was the iPhone in the market, which had inaugurated the smartphone era. In 2009, Google also launched its first Android smartphone "G1" on the German market.

Already in January 2009, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer applied for the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, a first beta release of Windows 7 – it was too much of the Vista failure group on the neck. Even the successor to Windows 8 came with initial problems and did not convince many users. Especially in many companies Windows 7 should still be in use today.

Today, Microsoft has again created a solid software foundation with its current version of Windows 10, Flops Vista and Windows 8 are already historical. Just a few weeks after launch, the system had been downloaded more than 100 million times, according to Microsoft. As a result, corporate customers have also discovered the system. According to Microsoft, it is now installed on 800 million devices worldwide.

Since then, Microsoft has also demonstrated its potential with its Cortana digital assistant, the new Edge browser and support for touch functions with its first series of laptops, the Surface Book. Nostalgics, confectioners and lovers of Windows 7 need not fear a culture shock. In the trade magazines, for example, there are suggestions on how to use additional tools to skip the new imaginative Windows 10 gadgets and the start menu and then give the new computer a retro look.

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