End of the advent calendar


It's very curious: Advent has become a concept-container, a countdown that reaches the last trick on Christmas Day and that would start … well, Black Friday!

For a long time, calendars have been associated with 24 windows that hide a chocolate for each day. Calendars that make sense of the days and exercise patience … if you can! I remember a mother, to the super, that when the cashier told him, in mid-November, that there were already the Advent calendars, he replied: "Ui, no, that if I take it tomorrow I will no longer be chocolate! "

We have the right to do what we want with the concepts, to clarify, to adopt and adapt them, and to fight and win the best, or the most marketable, like Halloween and Castanyada, or with San Valentino Sant Jordi. We have the right to create new ones, such as the Bridge of the Constitution of the Immaculate, but if we take an existing concept it would be good to know the origin and recognize it. In the case of Advent, it comes from Adventus Redemptoris, the coming of the Redeemer. Therefore, Advent is waiting for the time and preparation to celebrate the birth of Jesus on the Bethlehem portal, not Dora the Explorer, the Dog Patrol or the Avengers. Let's see, we make all the calendars with the chocolate you want (they also make backpacks, notebooks, carts and notebooks for the holidays), but maybe it would be nice not to tell him about the Advent calendar, but maybe, countdown calendars!

A good Advent calendar should be rather a calendar for the future, to get to Christmas better – not exhausted – and it should have windows with figures and characters that have inspired us, for example, kindness, certainty, sensitivity, patience, forgiveness, respect, peace, joy, gratitude and celebration, because Advent is the hope of the birth of Jesus, the birth of a child, surrounded by the good wishes of all. Is not this what happens to us when a child is born, whether it's family or not?

I do not always have things to say, but I'll tell you: end your Advent calendar and, when you open the last window, the final image is that of a Christmas full of solidarity, full of Hugs with friends, to the people we love and to the family, to the whole family … Merry Christmas!


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