“Enefit Green 75MW Lithuania” wind farm will be connected in 2023. in April

Enbit Green is a subsidiary of state-owned energy producer East Energy.

After the groundbreaking ceremony (pictured) on Thursday, September 8, a 75 MW power plant is under construction in Akmene, Northern Lithuania, Enfit Green reports.

Hando Sutter, chairman of the supervisory board of Enefit Green, said: “Increasing the generation of energy from wind will reduce energy shortages and provide consumers with cheaper electricity.”

“Having reserves and contingency plans is important to ensure energy supply this coming winter, but the most effective solution to the energy crisis is to include green energy and create a business environment that encourages green investment,” Sutter said in a company press release. . .

General Director of Enefit Green, Aavo Kärmas, the company actively participates in the Lithuanian energy market both as a producer and as a developer and offers long-term electricity purchase contracts that will help guarantee the construction of wind farms in reality. Hedging, Kärmas said, against fluctuating energy prices.

From the Lithuanian side, Vytenis Koryžna, CEO of UAB Enefit, sees the company reaching 100,000 customers in Lithuania using locally produced green energy, and two turbines – Roquette Amilina and Povilas Petrauskas (the first commercial customer and 100, 00- main customer).

Akmeni will consist of a total of 14 turbines, producing 258 GWh of electricity per year for 80,000 average Lithuanian households, and is one of two wind farms currently under development by Enefit in the southern Baltic country. there

Construction will begin in February 2022, power generation will begin in April next year, and the entire project will be completed in the third quarter of 2023.

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Enefit Green aims to quadruple its wind power generation capacity to 1,900 MW by 2026. It owns and operates 22 wind power plants and almost 40 solar and other renewable energy plants in the three Baltic countries and Poland.

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