‘Enefit Green’ to start generating electricity at wind farm in northern Finland in autumn 2023

Tuesday, June 28, laid the cornerstone of a renewable energy companyEnefit Green ‘Tolpanvaara wind farm Finland in the north. It is planned that the park equipped with 13 wind turbines will start producing green energy at the end of next year, the company’s representatives inform.

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Enefit Green currently has four wind farms under construction. Two of them are located in Lithuania, one in Finland and one in Estonia. The wind farm in Finland is one of the company’s largest projects and the first to start construction.

According to Ane Kärmas, Chairman of the Board of Enefit Green, the company’s short-term goal is to quadruple renewable energy production in Finland, the Baltics and Poland.

“Large-scale and cost-effective renewable energy production requires new wind farms. Over the next five years, Enefit Green will invest 1.5 billion euros in wind and solar parks. The electricity generated by the new wind farms will be available on the market next year. , “explains Kermas.

Hando Suters (Hando Sutter), “Estonian Energy“The head of Enefit Green ‘s supervisory board adds that there is a great need for renewable electricity across Europe today.” Each new wind farm adds cost – effective electricity to the market, helps ensure energy security and reduces dependence on natural gas. “In these difficult times, the development of renewable energy is critical to preserving the environment, consumers and protecting national interests,” said Suters.

Tolpanvaara Wind Farm is located near the town of Pudasjärvi in ​​northern Finland. It is planned to install 13 wind turbines with a total capacity of 72 megawatts in the wind farm, which would produce 250 gigawatt hours of electricity per year. By comparison, this amount of electricity is about a third of all wind energy production in Estonia in 2021. Enefit Green will invest almost 83 million euros in the construction of this wind farm.

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Currently, active construction works are underway in the territory of the wind farm: roads have been completed, construction of foundations and crane platforms has been completed, as well as cable installation works have begun. The next step will be to install the wind turbine foundations and connect them. The installation of wind turbines is planned for next spring, and the production of electricity in the wind farm is planned to start by the end of 2023.

In 2020, Enefit Green acquired the Tolpanvaara wind farm development project from Metsähallitus, a Finnish state forest manager. The investment decision to create a wind farm was made at the end of 2021, but construction began in February this year.

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