Energy efficiency: 30 million euros are coming to subsidize works at home. here’s what you need to know

With the publication of the regulation for the attribution of incentives for the second phase of the program to support more sustainable buildings, this Monday, the rules that will guide subsidies for works at home, to improve their energy efficiency, were defined.

After the initial 4.5 million euros were quickly exhausted in the first phase, leading to a reinforcement of 5 million euros (in total, these 9.5 million euros contributed to investments of 21 million), the Government moved forward with a second stage, which this Tuesday will open candidacies, to contribute up to 85% of expenses in various types of interventions.

What is the contribution?

The program will distribute contributions of up to 85% of the cost of the work (not including VAT), with limits of 7500 euros per beneficiary who owns a single-family building or autonomous fraction, and 15 thousand euros per beneficiary that owns a multifamily building.

What types of interventions will be supported?

Efficient windows (minimum energy class A+) will have support up to 1500 euros (not exceeding 85% of the cost), thermal insulation on roofs and floors will have support up to 500 euros, thermal insulation on walls up to 3 thousand euros, entrance doors up to 750 euros. With regard to heating and cooling systems, heat pumps and solar thermal systems will have support of up to 2500 euros, and biomass boilers up to 1500 euros. Phototovoltaic systems will have subsidies of up to 2500 euros. There will also be differentiated support for water consumption efficiency systems. And contributions of up to 3,000 euros for “bioclimatic architecture”, which include shading, greenhouses, roofs and green facades.

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Who can benefit?

Any single owners of dwellings built until July 2021, although there are interventions whose support is exclusive to dwellings built until 2006, namely the costs with more efficient windows and thermal insulation in roofs, walls and floors. Real estate owned by companies are excluded from subsidies.

Can a citizen apply for various types of work?

Yes, but the set of interventions will always have the maximum limits of 7500 euros (single-family property) and 15 thousand euros (multifamily property).

Can you apply for a work that has already been done?

Yes, as long as you have an invoice for it and it was made after September 7, 2020. Interventions prior to that date are not eligible. The co-payment is based on the amount of expenses before VAT.

What is the deadline for applications?

Applications open this Tuesday, June 22, and end on November 30, or when the program’s €30 million budget runs out.

What other requirements are needed?

Installers and manufacturers of supported solutions must have a license or certificate and be registered with the platforms listed by regulation. The works financed here cannot have already been the object of other national or community support.

Who runs this program?

It is the Environmental Fund, in conjunction with Adene – Agency for Energy and LNEG – National Laboratory for Energy and Geology. It will be the Environmental Fund that will open the notice and the project application window.

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