Energy price: Paul Magnette offers a check for 200 euros to support all middle incomes

Energy prices “are not bearable” according to Paul Magnette, who was Fabrice Grosfilley’s guest in Bel RTL’s Matinale.

“Unfortunately, we saw it coming a few months ago,” indicates the president of the PS who recalls that targeted measures for people “who have the greatest social difficulties” had been taken.

The social tariff (which concerns 1 family out of 5) had for example been extended. “This allows these families to pay 50% less on electricity and almost 75% less on gas.” A check for 80 euros had also been issued to one in five families.

“Today, we see that this is not enough. We must also help workers. We must go further and also help people with average incomes”, emphasizes Paul Magnette. “We see the regularization bills falling and for many people these are increases that they cannot pay. The government cannot be deaf to this situation.”

The president of the PS asks for a rapid intervention of the State. “It could be a reduction in VAT from 21 to 6%. I am very happy to hear that the Minister of Finance, who was not in favor, would be ready to take this measure. is that it’s simple and fast. The downside is that it’s the wealthiest who benefit the most since they are the ones who consume the most electricity.”

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According to him, one of the solutions would be to distribute a check for 200 euros to support all average incomes (median salary of 3500 euros gross per person). “We would give it to just about everyone, but not to the richest 10 or 20% of the population. All people with average incomes should be able to receive a check for 200 euros for all households. Because the he increase in energy prices is higher than what was forecast last October. The simplest way is for this check to be deducted directly from the bill.”

The modalities of this measure must still be discussed in kern (select ministerial committee).

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