Energy prices: how to benefit from the status of “conjunctural protected customer”? Explanations from the Walloon Minister of Energy

This morning during the BEL RTL morning show, Fabrice Grosfilley’s political guest was the Walloon Minister for Energy and Mobility, Philippe Henry. The latter mentioned an important issue: the price of energy. The Minister explained to us what is the status of “economic protected customer”, a complementary regional measure within the framework of the energy bill.

This measure, created in 2020 during the health crisis “completes the federal measures”, explains the minister. “This is a measure that complements the federal to provide access to a social rate, that is to say minus 30% when you are in difficulty paying your bill, and there are more and more people in this situation“.

About 2,000 households currently benefit from it. Households in difficulty can therefore also request this measure. “All you have to do is go through the CPAS or your mutual insurance company. Either we are in an obvious category in terms of remuneration status, or for example being a person affected by the floods who is also entitled to it, or the person will be taken into an individual file, by analysis of the mutual insurance company or the CPAS“.

The Minister ensures a guarantee of basic energy needs for households, especially during this winter period. The term of protection for this short-term protected customer is one year.

A long-term solution in Wallonia?

For a long-term solution with regard to Walloon energy, Philippe Henry aligns himself with what Paul Magnette had said yesterday morning in the same place. “Reduce consumption and produce renewable energy. There’s wind power, but there’s also solar power, hydropower, biomass, there are different avenues. In large photovoltaics, we still have considerable development potential that still needs to be activated in the coming years.

What to have, in the long term, self-sufficiency in terms of electricity? “That it produces a large part of its consumption, in any case. This will allow for greater energy independence.“.

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