Energy restructuring: new constraints and obligations for homeowners


Energy restructuring: new constraints and obligations for homeowners

Voted on June 28th, the Energy Climate Act provides for a series of measures to accelerate the renovation of poorly isolated housing and will make renovation work mandatory by 2028. Rentals, audits, works … what are the new constraints and energy-hungry homeowners' obligations?

In France there are 7.2 million "thermal sieves", or 1 out of 5 accommodation. In his presidential program, Emmanuel Macron predicted that poorly insulated housing has been banned since 2025. Measures taken by deputies Last June 28 39; Energy Climate Act is finally much more flexible than expected.

Ban on increasing rents

Since 2021, the owners of an estimated energy efficiency F or G estimate (DPE) will no longer be able to increase the rent between two tenants without having undertaken the necessary renovations.

Obligation to carry out an energy audit

From 2022, if he wants to sell or rent his energy-intensive housing, the owner will have to carry out an energy audit (in addition to the DPE). This will make it possible to formulate job proposals appropriate to housing construction to improve their rating, as well as an estimate of their cost. It will also specify existing state aid to facilitate renewal.

The owner must also inform the buyer or tenant on the amount of his future energy costs (gas, electricity …) in the announcement, in the sale deed or in the contract of lease.

Rental ban for energy-intensive goods

Since 2023, energy-intensive housing (the threshold of which remains to be determined) can be classified as "indecent" housing and rental is prohibited unless the owner undertakes the necessary renovation work.

Since 2028, no more homes F or G

Since 2028, owners will have to perform the work required for their accommodation to reach at least class E. Only buildings that have too many "architectural or heritage technical constraints" or "buildings for which the cost of labor is manifestly disproportionate in relation to property value "will be exempted.

No sanctions have yet been decided against the owners who would not have performed the work in their poorly insulated homes. The owner who wishes to sell or rent his property will simply have to mention it in his real estate ad, in the deed of sale or in the lease.

The sanctions will be defined in 2023 as part of the five-year energy program.

Rejection of the measure to seize 5% of the sale price

The Assembly finally did not vote on the amendment to register 5% of the proceeds from the sale of energy-intensive homes in order to carry out energy renovation work. This measure would have authorized the notary to charge up to 5% of the sale price for the benefit of the buyer. The deputies believed that this provision would have sanctioned the owners twice, because poorly insulated homes are already sold cheaper.

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