Engineering in Milan, History in Rome: where to study in Italy according to the world ranking of the best universities

At the end of the course of higher education, many Italian students are faced with various unknowns: to stop or continue with university studies? And in this second case, how to orient oneself in choosing the most prestigious university in Italy to follow one’s vocation and one’s interests in a specific field of study? The world ranking Qs ranking by subject 2023, in which universities around the world are ranked according to the different courses of study they offer, can help prospective university students to evaluate which university not only offers a particular course of study, but which it also enjoys a good, if not excellent, reputation compared to other universities offering the same study programmes. In short, the ranking can be used as a tool to understand which Italian universities enjoy greater prestige and consideration both academically and in the workplace in the various study programmes.

According to the Qs classification, for the Classical Studies and Ancient Historythe Wisdom of Rome turns out to be the most prestigious Italian university, followed by Normal of Pisa (in fourth place in the global ranking) and fromUniversity of Bologna (in 25th place in the world ranking in the subdivision by field of study). In third place, among the most prestigious Italian universities, we find the Politecnico di Milanoin the course of study in Engineering – mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturingbut also for the courses of art and design (fifth place among Italian universities and seventh worldwide) and those of ArchitectureBuilt environment (tenth place among Italian universities and 12th on a global scale). For the Business and management studiesl’Luigi Bocconi Commercial University is reconfirmed as the most prestigious university in Italy (in seventh place in the global ranking), but also for studies in Marketing e in Economics and Econometrics. The different Italian universities, in fact, are repeatedly mentioned in the rankings for the prestige of some specific degree courses they offer. In detail, here are the universities and related degree courses that stand out in the Qs ranking.

The Wisdom of Rome

La Sapienza University of Rome stands at the top of the general ranking of the best Italian universities not only thanks to the courses in Classical Studies and Ancient History, but also for other courses:

  • Classical Studies and Ancient History;
  • Archeology;
  • Art history;
  • Physics and Astronomy;
  • Law;
  • Library and Information Management;
  • History.

The Polytechnic of Milan

Among the most prestigious courses offered by the Politecnico di Milano, according to the Qs ranking, we find:

  • Engineering – mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing;
  • Art and design;
  • Architecture – Built Environment;
  • Civil and Structural Engineering;
  • Computer sciences and information systems
  • Engineering and Chemistry;
  • Engineering – Electrical and Electronics;
  • Mathematics;
  • Materials science.

The Polytechnic of Turin

In addition to Polimi, the degree courses offered by the Polytechnic of Turin are also mentioned several times in the Qs ranking. Among these we mainly find the engineering studies:

  • Petroleum Engineering;
  • Mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing engineering;
  • Architecture – Built Environment;
  • Engineering – Civil and Structural;
  • Engineering – Electrical and Electronics
  • Mining engineering.

Bocconi University

The Luigi Bocconi University stands out in the ranking of the best Italian universities in particular for its course of studies in business and management. But other disciplines also stand out among the most prestigious courses at Bocconi:

  • Studies in business and management;
  • Marketing;
  • Economics and Econometrics;
  • Accounting & Finance.

The University of Bologna

In the Qs ranking there is also what is considered the oldest university in the world still in operation, namely the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna. Among the courses of particular prestige and relevance offered by the University of Bologna, the one in Classical Studies and Ancient History stands out, as well as the study program in Archaeology:

  • Classical Studies and Ancient History;
  • Archeology;
  • Modern languages;
  • Law.

The other universities in the ranking

Among the most prestigious universities in the Qs ranking is also the Luis Guido Carli, which stands out in the ranking for its course in Politics and International Studies, but also for its courses in Business and Management Studies and for Law. The University Institute of Architecture of Venice (IUAV) is present in the classification for the History of Art course. L’University of Milan, on the other hand, is present in the ranking for courses in Pharmacy and Pharmacology and Veterinary Sciences. L’University of Pisa it is instead mentioned for the study paths in Veterinary Sciences and Classical Studies and Ancient History. The list also mentions the course of study in Classical Studies of theUniversity of the Sacred Heart of Milanas well as courses in Politics and International Studies and Sociology offered by theEuropean University Institute. L’Federico II University of Naples it is in the ranking for the educational offer in the field of Classical Studies and Ancient History. Finally, the course of classical studies and ancient history of theTor Vergata University of Rome and that ofUniversity of Paduawhile for Philosophy theUniversity of Turin. In short, the Qs ranking offers students a possible compass for orienting themselves and evaluating enrollment in the most prestigious study courses offered by Italian universities.

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