England connoisseur Pauline Bremer has only fond memories of Wembley


Pauline Bremer has been playing abroad for four years: “I now realize that I have matured as a person, as a personality.”
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Pauline Bremer has been playing for Manchester City for two years. Before the international match, which is expected to attract 90,000 spectators, she talks about wins in Wembley, the boom of women's football in England and sparkling wine.

Pauline Bremer gave her international debut on her 18th birthday, but she has so far completed only 18 international matches because of several injuries. Nevertheless, the 23-year-old is one of the most experienced players in the German national team ahead of their friendly against England this Saturday (6.30pm at Eurosport), which sees 90,000 spectators at Wembley. Bremer sees itself matured due to its overseas stations at Olympique Lyon and Manchester City.

Daniel Meuren

They come from a wine shop. Would you have the right sparkling wine if the German women's football could celebrate success again?

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