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The eightfold mother jogs after an accident – then she realizes that her whole life will change

Jacqui Saunders jogged in an accident when he suddenly received a terrible message. (Icon)

Jacqui Saunders jogged in an accident when he suddenly received a terrible message. (Icon)

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  • In England, a woman jogs about her husband's accident
  • When he wanted to make sure of his integrity, he discovered that he had died in the accident
  • The family is now criticizing the police

Derbyshire / England. Incredible accident and terrible stroke of luck in England: the British Jacqui Saunders hovers around an accident. At the beginning he does not think about it, then he feels bad and calls her husband to check if he is well.

"I thought I should have called him to say that he luckily escaped the accident just to find out he was not," he told DerbyShire Live, but then learns that it's her husband, who died in the accident.

"He always wrote on Friday night and said: Good night, God bless you"

John Saunders is remembered as a loving father, who took time for each of his eight children, told his wife to the news platform.

Kirsty Sanders' daughter continued: "She always wrote on Friday night and said," Good night, God bless you ", so this is my last message from her," explains her daughter.


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"We could talk for hours and we never had enough to say"

His wife Jacqui, who has been married to John 47 for more than 26 years, has paid tribute to his "kind and honorable man" after his scooter collided with a Range Rover.

"We've been able to talk for hours and we've never had enough to say," he said, "Life was not perfect, but for the moment, the best moments outweigh that.

The wife remembers "the greatest night ever given"

"The best memory I have is that it brought me to Bryan Adams, it's not the most amazing thing we've ever done, but it was on top of my wish list and it surprised me with the tickets. always, "said his wife.

Husband killed before Christmas

John's gifts were already under the Christmas tree when his loving father lost his life on December 17th of last year. His family described SC Johnson's telesales manager in Denby as a kind-hearted enthusiast who loved trucks and the Titanic.

His daughter Kirsty continued: "Dad always took time for us all individually, he always hugged me when I got in. Those are the moments I miss the most."

The eldest daughter of John, stepdaughter Anna (33), added: "After a long engagement, I'm happy that we finally got married so Dad could see one of his children get married," explains his daughter.

Father's Day had been the last great family reunion

Father's Day was the last time the whole family got together because everyone had a busy life. Rarely all come together at the same time. "All the partners came and there were also the grandchildren, we had to force everyone to take a picture, but I'm so glad I did."

His wife Jacqui described family support from the incident as "unbelievable". "We support each other as a family and would be proud to know that we came together, we miss him a lot and he does not deserve this tragic end," explains his wife.

Police criticism

The family also criticizes that they received too little support from the Derbyshire police. They had only received a copy and in one month they saw only one agent on the accident. A police spokesman said: "We at the Derbyshire police are committed to helping all families who have died from road accidents."

However, even the police are self-critical. The Saunders family did not receive the support they were looking for on this occasion "and we apologize for this.The officials were in contact with the Saunders family and agreed on an action line," officials say.

An investigation into the cause of John's death is currently in full swing.



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