Enough of delaying the delivery of computers

Today representatives of the Multisectorial for the public school that brings together families, cooperators, teachers, students and social organizations was present at the Ministry of Health, Av. 9 de Julio 1925, where a meeting was held between the Minister of Education of the City, María Soledad Acuña; the Minister of Health of the City, Fernán Quiros and the Minister of National Education, Nicolás Trotta.

During the time that the convocation lasted, a letter was delivered demanding connectivity and computers from the Buenos Aires authorities so that the children can study at home without putting their health at risk. In it, in addition, the rejection of the intention to enable spaces in squares and streets is manifested.

We celebrate that the Minister of National Education has not accepted the idea of ​​opening spaces in the squares and we hope that the Larreta government will stop insisting with these marketing ideas that do little to solve the problems of education in the City.

We demand that Acuña accept the offer of computers from the Ministry of National Education urgently and without further delaying maneuvers and deliver the lists of the students who will be benefited and benefited.

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