Enrique Peñalosa says that Claudia López’s decisions left thousands without jobs – Bogotá

The mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, toured this Saturday some of the areas of the capital that have already opened to the public thanks to the economic reactivation strategy ‘Bogotá under the open sky’.

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Through your Twitter account, López shared, for example, a video in which he appears with a group of street vendors from the National Park, where hours before the XIII Bicycle Week, Pedalea Bogotá.

“Doña Clara, Luz Amparo, Edilma, Martha are part of the reactivation of #BogotaACieloAbierto in the National Park. Come support them and enjoy their delicious food,” he wrote.

Hours later, the mayor visited the well-known Plaza de la Perseverancia, where she also chatted with some merchants. “With the support of the Colombian Society of Architects, we expanded their spaces, tables and conditions to receive them to buy and enjoy food, typical food and ancestral drinks,” he said in another tweet.

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However, his itinerary was harshly criticized by his predecessor, former mayor Enrique Peñalosa, who wrote on his Twitter account: “Now the mayor who said that he would not remove quarantine until there was a vaccine invited to go out to eat in restaurants.”

And I add: “Months ago he condemned those who told him to do that, telling them they preferred ‘business to life’. His decisions left hundreds of thousands unemployed.”.

In his publication, Peñalosa included a capture of the video that Claudia López published with the street vendors of the National Park. The mayor of Bogotá, at the moment, has not responded.

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