‘Enter the Sound’ Coming to Nintendo Switch… Tomorrow (30th) official service begins

(Export News Correspondent Choi Ji-young) You can meet ‘Enter the Sound’ on the Nintendo Switch.

On the 29th, ‘Devolver Digital’ announced that it would officially release the Nintendo Switch version of ‘Enter the Gungeon’, the classic barrage shooting game they are servicing, on the 30th (Thursday).

Enter the Gunsan, which is evaluated as the standard of a rogue-like shooting game, is a game that uses a variety of firearms, items, and passives to arm characters and clear the bosses that appear in each stage. Even with repeated play, it features a fast development that makes it boring.

In addition, by combining various weapons and items, it is possible to develop a character that suits the user’s own inclination, and unique actions such as evasion when a bullet is flying and making cover by turning the table over, add a taste that existing shooting games could not have. .

In addition, puns about guns and dungeons and parodies of famous action movies and other games provide users with little fun.

The Nintendo Switch version of Enter the Sound has enhanced the fun of shooting games with more advanced graphics and natural character manipulation compared to other platforms previously released.

In addition, in the Nintendo Switch version, you can enjoy all the contents of other platforms that have been released so far, and the system has been greatly improved by reflecting the feedback from users so far, so that you can experience the best game play for the Nintendo Switch environment.

The Nintendo Switch version of Enter the Gungeon will be released through the Nintendo eshop in Korea at 00:00 on Thursday, the 30th, and the price is 17,250 won. More details can be found on the official website of Devolver Digital and on Twitter.

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Photo = Devolver Digital

By Choi Ji-young, staff reporter [email protected]


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