Entering Jokowi’s Coalition, PAN Reportedly Will Fill This Ministry Post

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta-National Mandate Party or PAN openly declared joining the coalition government of Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin. The party bearing the symbol of the rising sun is rumored to be getting a ministerial seat in the cabinet.

Dua politikus Senayan yang mengetahui komunikasi PAN dan Istana menyatakan, Ketua Umum PAN Zulkifli Hasan setidaknya tiga kali ditawari untuk menjadi menteri. Komunikasi itu terjalin sejak beberapa bulan lalu.

"PAN sudah lama berkomunikasi dengan Presiden Jokowi dan diminta membantu pemerintah. Sebetulnya sudah diberikan beberapa nama ke Presiden dari reshuffle pertama," kata seorang narasumber ini kepada Tempo, Kamis, 26 Agustus 2021.

Dua narasumber ini menyebutkan, Zulkifli menyodorkan nama mantan Ketua Umum PAN Soetrisno Bachir. Akan tetapi, Istana menawarkan agar Zulkifli yang mengisi jatah tersebut. Zulkifli, kata dua narasumber Tempo, menyatakan ingin berfokus mengurus partai. Ia lantas menyodorkan nama lain, seperti Asman Abnur, Eddy Soeparno, dan Viva Yoga Mauladi.

The same resource person said that there were two portfolios offered to PAN, namely the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture or the Minister of Transportation. If the President assigns the position of Coordinating Minister, Zulkifli will most likely fill the post.

However, for the Minister of Transportation, PAN will offer the names of cadres other than Zulkifli. On the other hand, there are a number of views within the party that the ministry’s portfolio does not have a direct impact on society. PAN is said to expect the post of Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises because it has more contact with the community.

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It is not yet certain what ministry posts will be filled by PAN after the latest developments in the statement that the parties have joined the government coalition. Inside PAN, said one of the sources, the name Zulkifli was encouraged to fill the post of Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture because of his seniority and experience. The number one person in PAN was once the Minister of Forestry and Chair of the People’s Consultative Assembly.

After the rehearsal at the Palace yesterday, the resource person continued, President Jokowi had whispered to Zulkifli that there would be further discussions between them. “President Jokowi had whispered to Mr. Zul, later Mr. Zul, we will talk again about how to cooperate in the future,” he imitated.

Weather confirmed this information to Zulkifli Hasan but received no response. Meanwhile, PAN Deputy Chairperson Viva Yoga Mauladi was reluctant to respond to the cabinet portfolio offered to his party. Viva Yoga said that the cabinet affairs are the prerogative of President Jokowi. “I don’t know about that, because that’s the authority and prerogative of the President and PAN to respect that,” he said on Thursday night, August 26, 2021.

Meanwhile, according to the Executive Director of Indonesian Political Parameters Adi Prayitno, the portfolio of the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture or the Minister of Transportation may indeed be offered to PAN. According to him, historically PAN has a track record in these two positions.

Former General Chairperson of PAN Hatta Rajasa once served as Minister of Transportation. Meanwhile, the position of the Coordinating Minister for PMK or the minister in charge of the welfare of the common people is filled by representatives of Muhammadiyah.

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“Pak Hatta has been the Minister of Transportation, PMK is always Muhammadiyah, apart from Puan (Maharani). Whether this track record will be continued or not, President Jokowi is sometimes a bit difficult to predict,” Adi told reporters. Weather about joining PAN, Thursday, August 26, 2021.


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