Entering PTN 2023 Without Using Maple Tests, Will Tutoring Institutions’ Revenues erode?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Changes in the rules for entering state universities by the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology Nadiem Makarim create a number of institutions study guidance (bimbel) rack your brain to adjust to these changes. Head of Education Nurul Fikri at Jalan Agus Salim Bekasi, Chandra Kusuma, explained that his institution prepared a strategy by adding a portion of the material and trying out scholastic questions.

“We focused on adding material to the potency test scholastic (TPS) by reducing meetings on academic subjects or tests. So it doesn’t really eliminate the academic ability material at all.” Chandra said to Tempo on Wednesday, September 14, 2022.

Chandra said that his party would still provide material from a number of subjects as an exercise for class XII students. It’s just that the number of meetings for Science or Soshum subjects will be reduced. According to him, learning academic material is still needed to prepare students who will follow the independent path. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education removed the academic test from the Joint Selection for State Universities Entrance (SBMPTN) and replace completely with scholastic tests.

Even so, Chandra admitted that he was not worried that Nadiem’s ​​new regulation would erode his institution’s income. Because, Chandra said the path that eliminates academic material is only SBMPTN. Meanwhile, for other pathways, namely achievement and independence, academic ability is still needed.

“Moreover, now the achievement track based on report cards considers all subjects important, because all subjects are now included in the calculation of 50 percent,” he said.

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As for Nuruf Fikri, Chandra said, he has a tutoring package to prepare for the state university entrance exam. For class XII students, the price for a year’s tutoring package reaches Rp. 10,360,000. The price includes the tuition fee online.

However, if students wish to add consultation hours, an additional fee will be charged. The additional chat consultation package for 50 sessions reaches IDR 700 thousand, while for 100 sessions it is IDR 1.3 million. Each session is limited to 30 minutes.

Chandra said that currently his institution has 5,000 students in all Nurul Fikri branches. That number, according to him, is only the number of students who take lessons regularly offline. “So, in my opinion, the role of tutoring institutions still has its own place in society,” he said.

Minister of Education Nadiem Anwar Makarim said that one of the reasons he changed the technicalities of entering state universities was to make the selection to enter PTN more inclusive and transparent. He considered that the number of academic materials tested made students burdened and had to follow tutoring. Parents spend up to tens of millions to join tutoring so that their children can achieve study programs at well-known campuses.

However, students who are economically disadvantaged cannot take lessons or tutoring. This, said Nadiem, creates inequality and discrimination against students.

Meanwhile, Inten’s guidance agency admitted that it would still use the same teaching method. Faiz Al-Haq, a lecturer at Inten on Jalan Raya Kalimalang, Bekasi, said that his institution will continue to deliver learning materials including theories and basic academic concepts. This, he said, is done so that students have academic supplies when they start lectures at the beginning of the semester.

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Zahrani Jati Hidayah

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