Enterprise preview program Olympia for Windows 10 is being discontinued

18. August 2022 –
Microsoft discontinues its Olympia Corp. insider program. less than a month in advance. As part of the Olympia program, insiders were able to test enterprise features of Windows 10.

Microsoft has announced the end of its Olympic program to participants, according to “Zdnet reported. At Olympia Corp. is a preview program for Windows 10 enterprise products that was launched in 2017. Now the program is sawed off without much advance, as can be seen in an email to the insiders, from insider MVP Chris Gahlsdorf via Twitter was shared. According to the message, the program will be discontinued on September 12, and affected participants should back up their data by then at the latest.

Microsoft does not want to comment on the end of the program or any subsequent solutions at this point in time. The assumption that one wants to move the focus away from Windows 10 to Windows 11 would be a conclusive explanation for the abrupt end of the Olympic program. (win)

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