Entities awaiting the transfer of refugee reception

The decision of the Supreme Court, recognizing the right of the Generalitat to manage the refuge for refugees, including the resource that the state had brought, surprised companies yesterday. After learning the news, advanced by the ARA, the government has brought together some of the groups that are in charge of hosting in Catalonia to explain the changes, which are still awaiting negotiations in Madrid. "At first, we think that the closer we get to improving," said the head of the Cáritas Barcelona migration programs, Imma Mata. "We make a clear call to both the Generalitat and the State to take them into account in the negotiations," added the spokesperson for the ECAS migration commission, Raúl Martínez. These two entities, as well as the Catalan Refugee Assistance Committee (CCAR), were "waiting" for this change.

"We are concerned that the same rights for all refugees who are not guaranteed will not be guaranteed," a CCAR spokesman said. Martínez agrees: "If other communities come together, it could be that, depending on where they come from, they have more or less resources". Caritas believes that this is one of the key points of the negotiation, but admits that these differences "are already in other subjects". Moreover, this entity, which had not received the state program because it considered it too rigid, saw the transfer as an "opportunity" to improve reception.

The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Chakir el Homrani, yesterday asked the Pedro Sánchez government that the transfer of skills is "fast" and associated with the appropriate economic resources. He noted that the fork shifts between "14 and 20 million euros". The councilor noted that, once the transfer was made, the government will assess whether it maintains the state program or produces its own, but stressed that the figures can not increase because the asylum rights continue to correspond to the state.

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