Entrepreneurs with downed ships trust insurance

Around 18 decks have already fallen out of the 25 warehouses that make up the row of an intersection on Río Jarama street in the industrial estate, in front of the ITV entrance. With the snows of the past day 8 and 9, the first roofs began to fall, but little by little they continue to fall. Meanwhile, the owners make valuations of millionaire losses and are waiting for them to provide City Hall and insurance.

At this time, says Ubaldo López, manager of TeVendoTuCohe, the affected businessmen are dealing with paperwork. After passing through the area of ​​the mayor of Toledo, Milagros Tolón, the City Council is studying how it can lend a hand. Work meetings are planned to try to expedite it as much as possible “and at least there have been good words.”

Then there will be the insurance response. Each company will have its own but López is convinced that “we particularly believe that we are not going to have any problems with insurance, because we had everything pretty well tied up.” It remains to be seen if the Catastrophic Zone is declared.

Because the manager of TeVendoTuCohe is convinced that in the end all the ships will have to be thrown out and raised again, taking into account the damage of the storm. There were some roofs that held, such as that of Pikolín, which ultimately collapsed shortly before the arrival of Tolón. And the ships that are still standing, López fears, will gradually suffer as the rest are cleared away.

Large damages. The damages, after the fall of the roofs in most of the businesses to the left of the turning, can be considerable. Only among the five ships that TeVendoTuCohe and SF Motor add, says López, they calculate 700,000 euros in material damage, including between 70 and 80 cars, to which we must add 300,000 in buildings and buildings. The rest of the businesses can have very different losses.

After a catastrophic year, 2021 has started in the worst way for a group of companies in the Toledo industrial estate. The storm Filomena has collapsed the roofs of the row of industrial buildings located in a side street of Río Jarama street, located right in front of the ITV. The ships on the right of the alley, from 2008, seem intact. The problem is in the ones on the left, a construction of about three decades ago, which was built in the form of an urbanization, with a single roof in the shape of a mountain range and its own partitions. The first ships fell already on Friday and little by little others have been collapsing.


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