EPH, Daniel Kretinsky's group, could buy two of the last coal-fired power plants in France

The Czech group is on the line to acquire Uniper's French assets. The German group runs a site in Gardanne and another in Saint-Avold.

Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky explains that his investment in The world is the first to "Support to the press"and not a lever for making investments in France in the energy sector. This does not prevent EPH, the presiding group, from examining opportunities on the French market.

According to our information, EPH is online to acquire Uniper's French assets. The German group owns two coal-fired power plants in Gardanne (Bouches-du-Rhône) and Saint-Avold (Moselle). The latter also contains two units of gas power generation.

Uniper also has some solar and wind parks in France and an electricity supplier for SMEs. But the EPH is not just in the running, several investment funds would have made themselves known, and the battle is not over.

Such availability to buy can surprise. In fact, the two coal-fired plants of the German group will have to close before 2022, according to the campaign undertaken by Emmanuel Macron – as well as the last two coal-fired plants of EDF, in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) and in Cordemais (Loire-Atlantique).

Accompany the closure or transition of sites

A decision confirmed by the Minister of ecological transition and solidarity François de Rugy, October 31, traveling to Saint-Avold with the head of Uniper France, Luc Poyer. This political choice and the uncertainties on compensation in case of closure should reduce the price of the assets.

The buyer of these plants will have the difficult task of supporting the closure of these sites or their transition to other methods of energy production. The Gardanne plant has invested in biomass for several years. The site of Saint-Avold hopes to convert back to gas. Contacted by The world, the two groups do not confirm the existence …

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