Epic Games for Sony: – There is no chance that we will not get what we want

In another exciting document that has been revealed in connection with Apple mot Epic Games, it is revealed that Epic Games pushed Sony hard in 2018 to get to Fortnite cross-play. But Sony can not see that there is money to be made.

Epic Games knows how to put pressure on negotiations

It’s exciting to see how the giga companies in the industry negotiate with each other, and jaggu is not Epic incredibly offensive in the wording, almost rude:

“We love working with Playstation, and we want both to win on this, but the longer this is dragged out, the less successful it will be. I do not see a single scenario where Epic does not get what we want – that opportunity disappeared out the door when Fortnite became the biggest game on Playstation “.

It also lists a number of points Epic wants Sony to say yes to, including making Sony the big hero by opening up for crossplay and that Epic’s presence at E3 should be a big deal with celebrities and a big party.

Let’s make this a great victory for all of us. Epic is not going to change its mind, so let’s just agree now.

Epic Games

This Sony wrote back

Sony, for its part, is far more defensive, pointing out that no one has proven to them that this can improve Playstation business to any degree. “I was also of the opinion that nothing is happening with Microsoft and crossplay either. Has this changed? ”, Asks the person at Sony.

“There are many good points here, but crossplay is not a ‘slam dunk’ no matter how big the game is.”


It was announced yesterday, and we were the first to report it, that Discord is coming to Playstation:

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