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The latest game given by Epic Games is the “PC Building Simulator” game, which is a PC building simulator. This game allows players to learn the fun of assembling and repairing computers. If you can’t buy a graphics card, you can enjoy the addiction of installation. At present, Youxi has cooperated with as many as 45 brands. The models of water cooling, chassis, core, motherboard, light bar and other accessories can be freely matched and played!

Most importantly, after completing the installation, you can use 3DMark to run scores to see how the assembled computer performs.

Now, as long as you download it within the time limit, you can have it for free; if you want to avoid this installed experience game during the time limit, remember to grasp the time of these two days!

However, Epic Games has had privacy disputes in the past, so this site only shares information. As for whether to download or not, you still decide by yourself. For details, see:What is Epic Games’ privacy dispute?Steam user personal information was stolen, but the official said it was a misunderstanding

Epic Games “PC Building Simulator” is limited to free download

This time the limited game “PC Building Simulator” has won unanimous praise from players after its release. Novices who have not assembled a computer will have no problem to get started. This game also has a novice mode. The mode will introduce the assembly process for novices, explain the installation sequence, and tell you the functions and functions of each accessory.

  • “Installation Simulator” limited free time:From now until October 14 at 23:00
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“Installation Simulator” game screen:

The player will become the boss of the computer company and take over the task to meet the customer’s requirements and help them repair the computer.

Will receive a variety of tasks.

After completing the installation, you can use 3DMark to run scores to see how the assembled computer performs

“PC Building Simulator” system configuration requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows, does not support Chinese
  • Game voice: not supported
  • The minimum CPU requirement is i5-2500K, and the graphics card only needs GTX 660 to run.

Click here to download “Installation Simulator” for freePlease click here

Click and log in to your Epic Games account. When downloading, you will see that the original price of NT$289 becomes 0. Remember that the activity time is only until 2021/10/14, 23:00!

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