Epic Games Says They Didn’t Use A Recurring Trick To Hide Loading Times In Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo

Some days ago Epic Games released Unreal Engine 5 with a technical demo that worked on PS5The presentation certainly surprised, but left some players a doubt. Was a common trick used to load the stage when the protagonist passes through a narrow part of the cave?

Moments like this have been used many times in video games, with a closed shot and a narrow place that does not reveal much, all to hide how the next area of ​​the map is loaded.

Despite the questions that pointed to whether it was this resource, from Epic Games insisted that it was not a loading gimmick, and that it was deliberately used to show the details of the environment, animation, audio, and “demo fluency.”

As Epic Games Technical Director for Special Projects Jeff Farris noted via Twitter, β€œIt served a number of purposes for us but we had little concern that people would think it was necessary to hide the load. It was not the case ”.

It should be remembered that one of the points that has stood out the most in the next generation consoles is a considerable reduction in load times.

On whether this trick will disappear from the hand of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, it is still too early to say, but everything seems to indicate that they will no longer be necessary.

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