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From now on, players can take part in turn-based combat for free thanks to the arrival of the strategy game Into the Breach on the Epic Games Store, but that’s not why the store of the American giant decides to go. rest on its laurels. Indeed, the latter takes advantage of this new entry to offer the free program for next week.

From September 10 at 5 p.m. French time until the 17th of the same month, players will be able to add two additional games for free to their Epic Games Store library. The first is none other than Railway Empire, a management game from Gaming Minds Studios, and the second Where The Water Tastes Like Wine, is a narrative adventure game with a surprising artistic bias.

Railway Empire

As we said above, the first title to be offered next week is Railway Empire. This management game allows players to collect more than forty iconic locomotives, to build stations and above all to set up a rail network that crosses the various cities of a country. Note that a first person view has also been added to allow players to discover a new way to admire the different landscapes.

Railway Empire unveils its Complete Collection

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Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

Change of register therefore with this second production. Where The Water Tastes Like Wine takes the player to the arid lands of a folk version of the United States of the Great Depression. A great opportunity for budding travelers to meet many personalities with unique characters, to discover a world embellished by beautiful scores of music composed by Ryan Ike and above all to admire a unique artistic touch.

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine: A Walk in the United States

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