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Some users suspected that it was their decision to leave Unreal Tournament.

During the last Epic Games conference for GDC 2019, some representatives of the company organized a question and answer session with the public. In it, one of the assistants formulated a difficult question to swallow: "It was an idea for Tencent to leave the community of Unreal tournament? "

After a few tense moments, Steven Allison, head of the Epic Games Store, clarified the question. "Tencent has no voice in our business. It doesn't tell us what we do. They don't suggest what we should do. They don't make decisions for us. They don't work in our building. All we do is [fruto de] our team and the end point of our conversations as you climb [Tim Sweeney]"explains Allison" and Tim does not accept orders from Tencent. Believe me. "

For the most distracted, Tencent is a giant entertainment company, responsible for publishing the most successful games in China (including many from the West). After taking over Riot Games (League of Legends) or Supercell (Clas Royale), in 2013 they acquired 40% of Epic Games. Unreal Tournament froze its development at the end of 2018, but can still be reproduced in its current state.

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