Epic Games: “Unreal Engine 5 will be amazing on PS5 and Xbox Series X”

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, Has published several tweets through his official Twitter account clarifying various aspects about the technical demo of Unreal Engine 5 filed a few days ago and alleged secret agreements with Sony about the exclusivity of said demo in PS5. So much so, that Sweeney insists that Unreal Engine 5 will be fully compatible with all platforms and that “there is no secret agreement with Sony” in this regard.

“Unreal Engine 5 will be amazing in both”

And it is that despite the fact that it was announced that the technical demo of Unreal Engine 5 was running in real time on the hardware of PlayStation 5, Epic Games has already clarified that the new version of its popular graphics engine will be compatible with both the new console of Sony as with the next console Microsoft; it was even clarified that Unreal Engine 5 could be exported to other platforms like PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices iOS Y Android, as with the current version Unreal Engine 4.

“Both Nanite and Lumen will offer full support on PS5 and Xbox Series X and will look amazing on both,” Sweeney said in his recent social media post, hoping to give folder once and for all to the hints from the community.

To all this, Sweeney himself adds in another publication that there is no agreement with Sony nor “secret deal” between the two companies after showing the technical demo of Unreal Engine 5 through PlayStation 5. “There is no secret agreement. 100% of the things we’ve been working on with Sony in the last few months have already been publicly announced: the demo of UE5 on PS5, Nanite, Lumen and the use of Epic Online Services for cross-play between all platforms ” , concludes the CEO of Epic Games.

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