Epic launches anti-Apple tournament in Fortnite

08/22/2020, 1:29 am

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Fortnite developer Epic Games ignites the next stage in the public dispute Apple. A big anti-Apple tournament starts on Sunday with the Free Fortnite Cup.

The story is easy to tell: In protest against the 30 percent fee that Apple charges for sales of apps in its app store, Fortnite developer Epic Games announced its own payment system for the popular game. As it was to be expected, Apple threw the Fortnite app thereupon from the Appstore, Epic filed a lawsuit against the Appstore operator. Apple then threatened to give Epic developers access to the development platforms for iOS and macOS to cap completely. The next return coach from Epic is now a more playful one, like that Futurezone reports.

Anti-Apple-Turnier in Fortnite am 23. August

On Sunday, Epic starts an anti-Apple tournament in Fortnite – and emphasizes in the corresponding announcementthat iOS users will be excluded from the new Fortnite season starting on August 27th. The fact that the Fortnite app had flown out of Apple’s Appstore had already borne strange flowers. On Ebay about are currently iPhones with Fortnite installed traded at prices up to $ 10,000. Whether the Fortnite hype is really so great that fans pay these prices is rather questionable.

Especially since the new round of the Battle Royale game remains accessible on many other devices. These include the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and Android devices (Epic and Samsung Galaxy Store) as well as via Geforce Now. The prices for the anti-Apple tournament in Fortnite are also designed accordingly. Because there are Alienware gaming laptops, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, OnePlus 8, Playstation 4 Pro, Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch to be won.

Fortnite villain Tart Tycoon is reminiscent of Apple

A total of up to 1,200 players should be able to enjoy one of these devices. There are also caps with the Free Fortnite logo and the outfit of the Fortnite villain Tart Tycoon, who with his apple head is strongly reminiscent of Apple – and has already made his appearance in Fortnite’s anti-Apple video. If you want to participate in the Free Fortnite Cup, you should first check when exactly the tournament starts in your region. During the tournament period, players then have four hours to compete against others in up to twelve games – and to pick up the prizes.

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