Epic Store: Epic responds to spying on the charges


The Epic Store is accused of secretly collecting data and sending it to its supplier. Users associate this behavior with the acquisition of shares by the Chinese Internet company Tencent.

Numerous reproaches

Tencent has focused on social media and video games and has close ties with the Chinese government. He is suspected reddit therefore, the data collected through the Epic Store will be forwarded to them – China should therefore spy on citizens of other states; In modern times, this is truly an unprecedented process.

The article finds that Epic counts the number of processes running on a machine, attempts to access DLLs in some application directories, and read root CA certificates. The user, who calls himself an "amateur", also mentions that Internet Explorer registry keys and cookies are carefully examined. This behavior, when used by another user, can be normal if a launcher requires a browser for its function, such as displaying content.

I want this game to be finalized by: PRETTY SKETCHY / 10, with an additional prize for the association with Tencent. As we all know, they have no Chinese citizenship, and even if they did, the Chinese government would never spy on the citizens of a foreign nation any more than they would do alone.

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Epic is also accused of collecting data on user hardware and storing it in the registry, as well as using excessive java-based tracking mechanisms. It will also create a copy of the Steam localconfig.vdf file containing friend lists, a list of purchased games and additional information. This file seems to be of particular importance for Epic because it is accessible directly after the first startup of the launcher.

The epic denies and explains

Daniel Vogel, Vice President of Epics Engineering, made extensive comments after the accusations spread. He assured that Epic would be controlled by Tim Sweeney, external shareholders like Tencent would not have access to customer data.

According to the bird, a pixel is used for tracking, necessary for billing the Support A-Creator program. Tracking determines how many purchases are directed by an influencer to the store and how much money must be paid. Information on hardware will be collected at regular intervals, Vogel confirmed. However, this is stated in the privacy policy.

Part of the traffic, according to the explanations, is for communication with Unreal Editor; the source code of the underlying system can be viewed on GitHub. Furthermore, Vogel confirmed that a "most of"On the user interface on Chromium. Access to certificates and cookies is part of a"the normal web browser is started ", Information on active processes would be needed to download updates only for games that are not played and for data collection at the time of the reimbursement program; Product data outside the Epic Store will not be transferred to the supplier.

Collecting Steam data is a mistake

The Steam Friends lists, insured by Birds, are only imported with "explicit authorization". Although a copy of the localconfig.vdf file will be made, only if imported, and only the IDs of the friends will be sent to Epic. Users are not convinced that they claim that Epic does not have the right to collect data from a third party application and without the permission of the user.

This was agreed by Epic CEO Tim Sweeny. The current implementation, Epic CEO said, is just a "remnant"The implementation of social features from the early stages of Fortnite, the bug will be fixed. Epic relinquishes the Steam API because there are security and privacy risks with third-party interfaces, such as when they are collected more data than expected by their providers.

One question remains

So for the accusations a plausible explanation can be found. A question remains open: it is launched, as Epic Games can determine that most Fortnite players do not play or not actively on Steam – the corresponding data could be taken from localconfig.vdf. This information was circulated by Sergey Galyonkin, editor of Epic's editorial strategy.


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