ERC, Bildu and BNG, Sánchez’s partners, deny the Constitution and the legitimacy of the King and Heiress: "They represent impunity and greed"

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ERC, Bildu and BNG, three parliamentary forces that are partners of Pedro Sánchez, greet the oath of Princess Leonor by issuing a statement in which they deny the legitimacy of the Constitutionof King Felipe VI and the heir to the Crown.

The three parties say they convey “the voice and feelings of millions of people” who “neither recognize nor protect the Spanish monarchical regime,” which they consider “heir to the dictatorship and a lock on the national and social aspirations” of their nations.

They call the monarchy an “archaic and opaque institution” and claim that it has “systematically supported corruption.” For these parties, the monarchy and its members are the “maximum exponent of the denial of civil, political and national rights” and the “maximum expression of inequality, privileges and impunity.”

For this reason, they consider that “neither the King nor his heirs have the legitimacy” of their societies and consequently they do not recognize “any political or institutional function.” They assure that the Crown represents “the elites”, “privileges versus rights”, “impunity versus Justice”, “greed versus equality” and “imposition versus democracy”

This statement is added to the photo this Monday of Pedro Sánchez’s envoy with Carlos Puigdemont, an image that has also shaken Leonor’s oath. Santos Cerdán went to Brussels in search of the seven votes of the fugitive, who since 2017 has positioned the Monarchy and Felipe VI as his great enemy.

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