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Erdogan surprised when he claimed on Thursday that Sweden has promised to extradite 73 “terrorists” to Turkey.

– We will see if they keep their promises, added Erdogan, who met the press after the NATO summit in Madrid.

SHOCKS: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shocked several with his statements during the press conference on the last day of the NATO summit in Madrid.


A NATO source confirms tonight to NRK that Erdogan has been promised that such a number of people will be extradited. According to NRK’s ​​experience, these are independent decisions made in accordance with Swedish case law, not political decisions during the negotiations.

Do what needs to be done

Erdogan was asked whether Turkey can once again suspend Swedish and Finnish NATO membership when their applications are to be approved by the member states.

– First, Finland and Sweden must abide by the promises they made in the agreement. They have to do what is needed, he says.

The statements of the Turkish president come on the last day of the NATO summit in the Spanish capital Madrid.

The agreement that Erdogan refers to is the one Turkey entered into with Sweden and Finland on issues related to it arms exports and the fight against terrorism.

Sweden and Finland have committed themselves to working with Turkey on issues relating to terrorist groups and terrorism.

– “We will do what needs to be done”, we were promised by Finland and Sweden. So we expect them to do what needs to be done, says the Turkish president.

– Is clearly stated in the agreement

Previously, Turkey has demanded the extradition of 33 people from Sweden. The Swedes, for their part, have emphasized that all extraditions must take place in accordance with Swedish law and international law.

Erdogan’s statements have led to major discussions in Sweden.

– In Sweden, Swedish law applies to independent courts. Swedish citizens will not be extradited, writes Minister of Justice and Home Affairs Morgan Johansson SVT.

– Non-Swedish citizens can be extradited at the request of other countries, but only if it is compatible with Swedish law and the European Convention.

Erdagon on his way out of the NATO summit

REQUIRES RESULTS: The Turkish president left the summit after making surprising statements at the press conference.

Photo: Simen Ekern / NRK

Johansson further says that it is the Supreme Court that conducts the investigations around this and has a veto.

– It is clear in the agreement that we follow the European extradition convention, which both Sweden, Finland and Turkey have signed, Johansson concludes.

Requires results

– If they fulfill the promises, the agreement will be sent to our parliament for ratification. If they do not keep their promises, the agreement cannot be sent to parliament, Erdogan said.

He points out that it took 20 years for Macedonia to join NATO.

Spain NATO Summit

MEETINGS: NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said that the countries sat for many hours discussing to reach an agreement.

Photo: Bernat Armangue / AP

– It is not a process that can be completed quickly. I want it, so then I get it. No! That is not the case. Sweden knows that and Finland knows that too, said Erdogan.

The night before the NATO summit opened in Madrid, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg managed to mediate an agreement between the three countries.

Stoltenberg then said that there had been long meetings with Turkey, Sweden and Finland to resolve the conflict between them.

– It was hard work over a long period of time that made it possible to get a solution, said Jens Stoltenberg.

– The terrorist organizations must be annihilated

In the agreement Sweden and Finland have entered into with Turkey, the two Nordic countries promise, among other things, that they will not give support to the Kurdish party PYD and the party’s armed wing YPG, which was an important ally for the US and the West in the fight against IS in Syria.

At the same time, Finland and Sweden promise not to provide support for what in Turkey is called FETÖ. This is the name given by the Turkish authorities to the so-called gülen movement.

– PKK, YPG, FETÖ – all these terrorist organizations must be destroyed. They need to make changes to the law to make it happen, Erdogan said.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks with Finland's President Sauli Niinisto and Swedish PM Magdalena Andersson

TOTAL: During the NATO summit, the three countries were united. Pictured are Jens Stoltenberg, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Finnish President Sauli Niinisto and Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson


Erdogan became even clearer to a Finnish journalist.

– If the promises are not fulfilled, then we will act accordingly. You promise the extradition of these terrorists. You promise changes in the law. If you do not deliver, excuse me. You have to keep your promises, Erdogan said.

– If you pursue a dignified foreign policy, then you must keep your promises. Then Turkey will also keep its promises, he continues.

He emphasizes that the same applies to Sweden, and points out that a joint committee will now be established to follow up the implementation of the agreement.

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