Eréndira Ordóñez, mother, student and mixed martial arts fighter

Eréndira Ordóñez, Mexican mixed martial arts fighter
Eréndira Ordóñez, Mexican mixed martial arts fighter

Eréndira & # 39;Aketzaly& # 39; OrdoñezMexican mixed martial arts fighter, is declared ready for his fourth meeting in Fight the Americas, which will be this Saturday against also Azteco Amanda Serrano, in the AVA Amphitheater of the Casino del Sol in Tucson, Arizona.

"I was in good physical condition to perform in the fight, I studied his first fight in which he had entered MMA, its weak points. I focused a lot on my football and on my tacklesthat I feel is what you do not dominate very well, therefore I will try to neutralize your arms", He commented in an interview with reason the 23-year-old athlete.

The dream of many fighters is to reach the UFC, something that does not disturb & # 39; Aketzaly & # 39; Ordoñez, who does not rule out to join him one day. But what is clear is that he would like, at least, to do three more fights Fight the Americas, where so far has a record of two wins and one defeat.

"I'd like to have three more fights in Fight the Americas and win them In the long run I would like to continue fighting and becoming a great fighter. The dream of many is to arrive at the UFC and in my case I do not exclude it, but I would like to have a long career in mixed martial arts ", he assured. Eréndira & # 39;Aketzaly& # 39; Ordoñez, which in his latest competition in Fight the Americas he fell even before the Mexican Paulina Vargas, in August of last year.

Ten years ago, the young athlete began to train Chinese martial arts. His first battle in that discipline was a year later and that's how his taste for mixed martial arts was born.

"When I was 13 years old I started practicing Chinese martial arts and at the age of 14 it was my first fight … In a mixed martial arts academy they have jiu jitsu, kick boxing. to wear a helmet, a rod, a cord, it is more traditional towards what it is porcelain"He said.

Along with his career as a fighter Mixed martial arts, Ordóñez is studying food engineering, what he has engaged all day, combined with his mother's work.

"I study engineering in food, I go to the fifth semester, I have another four to finish my degree, sometimes I'm very depressed because I leave school, I go to my house and from there to the gym and all the time I'm busy because I'm also a mother, "he said. Eréndira & # 39;Aketzaly& # 39; Ordoñez, who finished saying "I would like to train since I wake up at night, but school is impossible".

The data: Eréndira Ordóñez He also takes swimming lessons, which are used to complete his daily workouts.


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