Eric Cantona charges David Beckham on Qatar: ‘An ex-player paid to do this stuff…’

For many, the World Cup in Qatar is an aberration. Eric Cantona is one of those. Recently, the “King” had strongly criticized the organization of the World Cup, explaining that he would boycott the competition.

This time, he tackled a global sports personality: David Beckham. The Frenchman criticized him for having been one of the ambassadors of the Gulf country. “He made a big mistake”he explained about his former teammate in an interview for The Athletic.

Cantona particularly hints at how the former England international promoted tourism and culture in Qatar. “I would never have accepted it”he continued. “I do the complete opposite. In January 2022, I started saying that. I was maybe the first to do it, he explains. An ex-player paid to do this stuff… He might not know what happened there. Or, if he knows, I think he did something wrong. I think he made a big mistake. A big, big mistake.”

In a video, Victoria Beckham’s husband boasted “the mix between modernity and tradition“and that the country represented”la perfection” to pass “A few days“, even with the family. Good words that have a price: 10 million pounds, or 11.5 million euros in the pocket of the legend of Manchester United.

A message from the Englishman who had been strongly criticized by others than Eric Cantona. On Twitter, he had taken a surge of indignation. Especially from the LGBT community, which is oppressed among Qataris. For its part, the NGO Amnesty International had castigated the campaign: “Beckham’s global fame and status is gold for Qatar’s image, but he should use that image to call on Fifa and the Qatari authorities to address the terrible abuses to which tens of thousands of migrant workers have been subjected. faced during the construction of the infrastructures for the World Cup”said Felix Jakens, one of Amnesty’s UK officials.

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