Eric Clapton, against vaccines, tests positive for COVID-19

guitarist Eric Claptonwhich has openly shown its skepticism about the measures taken during the pandemic and against vaccines, contracted COVID-19for which he momentarily canceled part of his current tour.

The British artist confirmed in his Facebook page who has been affected by the virus and noted that he had given positive by COVID-19 after performing in the Royal Albert Hall from London earlier this month, forcing him to cancel his performances in Zurich (Switzerland) and Milan (Italy).

“Your medical advisers have told you that resuming travel and returning to work too soon could substantially delay your full recovery,” the publication said.

“Eric is also keen to avoid spreading any infection to any of his band, crew, promoters, his staff and of course the fans.”

The guitar player77, adds that he finds it “very frustrating that, having avoided COVID-19 during the lockdown and throughout the period that travel restrictions have been in place, he has now succumbed to the virus.”

The promoters of their shows assure that they will reschedule your current tour “Nothing but the blues” and will soon announce the dates of their new concerts.

The British guitarist is one of the few artists who has been against the confinement and movement restriction measures adopted by the authorities during the pandemic.

As he said in recent statements by the former member of Cream to the YouTube channel “The Real Music Observer”, those vaccinated against COVID-19 are “under hypnosis” due to the “bombardment with subliminal messages”.

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