Eric Duhaime wants to bring back the bonus babies

Called upon by the “medium and long term” survival of the Quebec nation, Éric Duhaime’s Conservative Party is resuscitating the idea of ​​“bonus babies” to encourage Quebecers to give birth.

Offer $ 2,000 to parents who have a second child and $ 5,000 for a third, here is one of the proposals of the new program that will be discussed this weekend at a virtual party convention, the first since the election of its new leader. last April.

Under a Conservative government, parents of large families (four or more children) would also get a financial boost of up to $ 5,000 to purchase a “van-type” automobile, among other things.

“We think it’s a good thing that Quebecers are having more children. Yes, we are a party that is in favor of increasing the birth rate, ”declared the head of the training, Eric Duhaime, in an interview.

More flexibility

The idea is reminiscent of Robert Bourassa’s “bonus baby” program, effective from 1989 to 1996, which offered $ 500 for the birth of the first child, $ 1000 for the second and $ 8000 for the third child. .

Éric Duhaime also wants to give parents “more flexibility” in choosing their childcare services. This is why he proposes to pay them, by the end of a first term, a taxable childcare allowance of $ 200 per week and per eligible child and to ultimately deregulate the prices of daycare centers.

“It’s very unfair right now. There are parents who pay, but who do not have access to a place, ”he says. Yes, there is a lack of places, but there are people who have atypical schedules, who do not work five days a week. “

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Not just anti-passport

This weekend’s convention will be a turning point for the party that was still marginal only a few months ago. Now at 11% in voting intentions, driven by the notoriety of its new leader, its members will have to give birth to a complete political program.

“Yes, we are people who are opposed to the abusive health measures of the Legault government, but what? You have to put flesh around the bone, ”explained the former host.

If the proposals brought by the political committee of the party are inspired by “historical conservative positions”, the leader admits that some of them could be debated during the weekend.

In particular, on the environmental aspect where the Conservative Party advocates the exploitation of local sources of fossil energy.

Activists with “a more left-wing sensitivity” could be reminded that “the defense of individual freedoms […] goes well beyond sanitary measures, ”believes Éric Duhaime.

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